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How to survive online as a business during the COVID-19 crisis

During a crisis, money doesn’t disappear.  It just gets harder to collect.

Business is changing fast right now. Every day is different than the day before, and with each passing day comes new challenges for business owners.

As a society, we’re physically social distancing, yet banding together closely online more than ever before. Most people are stuck at home, and that means we’re spending a lot of time online in front of screens. People are searching for connection with each other – and with businesses they love for a sense of familiarity.

One thing is true as a result – it’s never been more important to have a current and relevant web presence than it is now.

It is your duty to communicate with your customers.

Sure, it’s easy to throw in the towel and start cutting expenses for everything short of the electric bill. But we must remember that this will not last forever. When the economic pressures of the current crisis finally lift, you don’t want to be the one who gave up and lost marketing momentum.

Even if the chips are down now…
👉 If you’re temporarily closed
👉 If you’re operating on a limited basis
👉 If you’re still open, but looking for new opportunities to expand your business online

We hear you. Now is not the time to give up.

Here are some points to consider for surviving as a business today, so that you can still be here in the future. (Please read to the bottom. There’s a pretty sweet offer that may save you some serious cash over the next few months.)

1. Stay in touch with your customers on social media.

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Photo by Noodle Nirvana in Berea, KY

They need to hear from you consistently, reminding them about the status of your business. Give them real-time updates. Monitor the situation globally, and remind them how you’re adjusting to accommodate based on new information given.

Also keep in mind that when the market finally improves, there may be pent-up demand for your products and services. Don’t let a lapse in your activity paralyze your business’ potential by not engaging now.

2. Update your website to reflect your new operating procedures.

Almost every business has had to change the way they operate in some way. Your website should address any interruptions, new protocol, safety measures, change of hours, or closures. If you’re part of the small fraction of businesses who aren’t affected, address that as well. Let people know whether or not you’re affected so that you don’t have to guess.

Here’s a really great example of a restaurant website that has adapted to address the changes within their business. While online ordering is nice, it’s not essential. In fact, simply posting your menu and stating your operating procedures is most important.

Here’s another example. Even though this business is minimally affected, they’re still being proactive in explaining that their team is working remotely, and operating as usual otherwise.

3. Get strategic.

Things have changed as a result of this disruption in our lives. People are changing, what they value is changing, their sources of income are changing. Over time we will adapt. But remember, you may not be able to operate as you once did. Take this time to re-evaluate your objectives and how you’ll navigate the new buying landscape including potentially finding new market opportunities.

Online specifically, this is a good time to double-check your tone and your messaging on all marketing and promotions. Speak with empathy and sincerity. Mirror the current reality with your imagery.

Remember, throughout these changing times, your customers will look for transparency from you. By giving it to them without asking, you’ll be able to maintain connections and a revenue stream so that when this crisis is over, you can get back to business as usual.

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