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We create comprehensive marketing campaigns that focus on your ROI.

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Web Design and Development

Indiview Media showcases a staff of skilled design experts who can serve your business with a cutting edge, mobile-friendly website that is enthralling and easy to use. Our ambition is for each one of our websites to generate leads and drive results.

Social Media Management

Social Media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn increase your business’s name recognition and page rankings. We offer social media management services from Hootsuite Certified Social Media professionals that help you maintain your social media presence at its peak performance.

Video Production

Indiview’s in-house video production team consists of skilled copywriters, videographers, video editors and video animators to script and produce engaging web videos and commercials that introduce your law firm to new prospective clients and drive brand recognition.


In today’s digital age, optimizing your website for search engines is a critical part to your businesses marketing strategy. We help increase your organic search rankings and drive traffic to your website using white hat SEO techniques. For immediate results, we create highly targeted, direct response Pay-Per-Click campaigns.


Indiview Media is an award-winning, digital marketing and video production company that specializes in creating unique, comprehensive marketing campaigns for small businesses and law firms. Our award-winning creative has helped our clients build better brands, businesses and organizations all across the globe.

Meet Your Admen

Ashley Jones

Business Development Analyst

Ashley brings her years of experience in the advertising and business development world to Indiview Media. She is dedicated to developing solid client relationships and has a passion for helping businesses grow as part of our Business Development team.

  • Social Media Management 90%
  • Copywriting 77.9%
  • Internet Markeing 82.6%

Robert Hicks

Business Development Consultant

Hicks has a passion for breathing life into new ideas. Hicks works closely with other Indiview team members to create, execute and supervise marketing strategies.

  • Internet Marketing 92.8%
  • Web Design 85.5%
  • Copywriting 86.7%

Jason Stogsdill

Business Development Consultant

Stogsdill is a Seasoned Vet in TV Advertising. He works closely with Clients to create Direct Response TV Campaign and has an eye for creativity and consumer psychology.

  • Video Production 80%
  • TV Ad Strategy 94.6%
  • Branding and UX 78.2%

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